Naturally Extracted Tobacco FAQ

As with all our Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquids, we only use pure naturally produced Tobacco extracts. We add nothing artificial to any of our NET Tobacco products. Our manufacturing processes ensure that the flavour profile of each tobacco used is perfectly captured in our Tobacco liquids. Here you will find the best range of Naturally Extracted Tobaccos and Concentrates including Cuban, Cavendish, Burley, Pipe, Perique, Virginia, Turkish & Latakia all are 8 months matured and bursting with pure Tobacco Flavour.

What is the best Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquid?

Many online Vendors have a wide range of the best Natural Tobacco flavours. VapeiQ has the biggest Tobacco range.

What are the best tasting Tobacco flavours?

Cavendish – VapeiQ, Aged Burley – VapeiQ, Balkan – VapeiQ, Golden Virginia – VapeiQ

What are the best Tobacco E-liquids in 2020?

This is down to personal taste. Many Vendors create their own Tobacco E-liquids. has a huge range and samples to try.

What is 100% Natural Tobacco E-liquid.

This is the pure essence from a Tobacco leaf. Techniques are used to extract the Tobacco from the raw Leaf resulting in a 100% pure Tobacco concentrate.

Are 100% Naturally Extracted Tobaccos expensive?

Extracted Tobaccos can be a bit pricey due to the process its taken to produce the flavour.