Add 72 mg Nicotine to your E-liquid with ease with this amazing Nicotine chart. It’s very easy to do and you can vape from 1 mg to 24 mg if you wish,

Nicotine Strength

On the left you will see MG Strength – this is the strength of the E-liquid you want.

Bottle Size

On the very top you will see the Bottle size

How much Nicotine to add to it

Once you have located your bottle size, look down the list until you find your Nicotine strength, this is how much 72 mg Nicotine to add to your e-liquid.

Check your invoice

Check out your invoice for details on mixing amounts this should be located on your order or on your bottle label.

72 MG E-liquid Nicotine Chart
E-liquid Nicotine Chart