Just Add Nicotine – Hybrid Tobacco E-liquids

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Just Add Nicotine – Hybrid Tobacco E-liquids

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Just add Nicotine to these E-liquids! Many Vapers do have their own 72MG Nicotine so they can ‘DIY’ their own juice.

You buy your 72mg Nicotine here & a syringe here or buy Nicotine from the internet here.

Choose your options & see how much Nicotine to add to them – (Strength Option)

-Mixed fresh by us and leaving the perfect space in the bottle for you to add your Nicotine in ML.

  • -We will print on the label your instructions.
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This Pack Contains

  • Plastic 60ml bottle filled with Tobacco E-liquid
  • Child-proof and tamper-evident bottle with a separate leak-free filling nozzle
  • VG/PG Pure NET e-liquid blend with premium and Natural flavourings
  • Pharmaceutical grade 72 mg nicotine needs to be added.
  • Can be used with all types of refillable Electronic Cigarette or personal vaping devices (PVD)
  • Fully compliant e liquid bottle labels UK produced

Other Information

Just add Nicotine Tobacco E-liquid are provided in plastic bottles with industry standard safety information and e liquid bottle labels UK are applied. VapeiQ eliquid bottles come with a child-proof and tamper evident caps and a small easy to use plastic screw nozzle for easy leak-free refilling of your tank or clearomiser. Our Eliquid is made here in the UK to our strict ISO7 quality guideline standards and shipped direct to you.

We only use the highest quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients, sourced from the UK and EU and all of our ingredients conform to British and European safety standards.

All of our Customize your NET E-liquid products are fully compliant with Directive 2014/40/EU (TPD.)

Just add Nicotine Tobacco E-liquid Guidance

All VapeiQ eliquid is freshly customized and every bottle will need to be steeped before use. Please store your e-liquid in a cool dry place and keep out of reach of children and pets

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Choose Size:

60 ml

Choose Mixture:

Max VG, 80%VG 20%PG, 70%VG 30%PG, 50%VG 50%PG, 60%VG 40%PG, 100% PG, 70%PG 30%VG, 60%VG 40%PG

Choose Strength:

0 mg (0.0 ml of Nicotine), 1 mg (0.8 ml of Nicotine), 2 mg (1.7 ml of Nicotine), 3 mg (2.5 ml of Nicotine), 5 mg (4.2 ml of Nicotine), 6 mg (5 ml of Nicotine), 8 mg (6.7 ml of Nicotine), 10 mg (8.3 ml of Nicotine), 12 mg (10 ml of Nicotine), 14 mg (11.7 ml of Nicotine), 16mg (13.3 ml of Nicotine), 18 mg (15 ml of Nicotine)

What's your Nicotine?

VG 72 mg Nic, PG 72 mg Nicotine, PG 72 mg Salts, VG 72 mg Salts

Choose Flavour:

Drum, Holborn, Sultan Turkish, Old Captain, Amber Leaf, Desert Ship, American Hybrid, RY4 NET, Mrs Jones, Londoner, Aged Cigar, Mr Jones, Blackfire, Turkish Red, DaVinci, Cavendish Dark Coffee, Legato, Black Apple, Black Oak, Turkish Coffee, Cherry Cigar, Best Cigar, Rustic Burley, Marlboro Red, Godmother, Holborn Silk, Godfather, Cigarillo & Rum, Vanilla Tobacco & Latakia, Cigarillo & Latakia, Strong Cigar, Coffee On Fire, Black Cavendish Creme, RY4 Latakia, Turkish Cream, Rum On Fire, Fishermans Friend, Dark & Smokey, American Grape, Latakia & Strawberry, Smokey Dark Vanilla, Chocolate Cigar, Sweet Latakia, Black Cavendish Coconut, Dark Turkish Cherry, Yellow Turkish & Vanilla, Turkish Coffee & Vanilla, Dark Fired & Cigar, Perique & Cream, Smokey Cherry, Smokey with Brandy, Cigar Chocolate & Almond, Latakia & Anise, Apple Tobacco, Mango Tobacco

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Just Add Nicotine - Hybrid Tobacco E-liquids Just Add Nicotine - Hybrid Tobacco E-liquids
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