If you’ve been vaping over the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed several different blends and concoctions. Currently, the most popular e-liquid trend is natural fruit and dessert-inspired formulations, but several other trends are rapidly gaining steam. As previously mentioned, one of these “streakers” are naturally-extracted e-liquids.

But what makes this particular category of e-juices distinct from what most enthusiasts presently enjoy? Bestcigliquid compares the difference with a musical analogy. A saxophone, especially in the hands of skilled instrumentalists, emits soaring tonalities that cannot be duplicated with a digitized synthesizer or other artificially-derived devices.

Another example that hits on the broader context of naturally-extract e-liquids is beverage choice. On some nights, you may opt for a top-shelf vodka brand, which provides a pristine base for several, delectable cocktails. On other nights, nothing but the finest bottle of zinfandel will do.

In other words, naturally-extracted e-liquids cannot necessarily be constrained to binary categorization. In some cases, these organically derived flavors are the perfect complement for a range of settings or circumstances. Different situations or events, though, can find that other formats are more conducive or appropriate.

What’s particularly exciting for traditionalists, and those who prefer the mouth-to-lung methodology, is that naturally-extracted e-liquids offer superior accuracy and enjoyment. Since these blends integrate richly-cured tobacco leaves, the tones, essence, and experience are undeniable. From the moment you first vape, to the last exhale, you’ll be transported to another realm.

The accuracy of naturally-extracted e-liquids also levers another benefit – providing an exceptionally authentic alternative to the analog platform. Although vaporizers are obviously an enormous innovation, a significant impediment to transitioning enthusiasts is less-pronounced throat-hit in the digital format, as well as an overall lacking experience.

But because naturally-extracted e-liquids utilize natural flavors and ingredients derived from real tobacco plants, traditionalists can enjoy all the subtleties associated with analog tobacco platforms. Not taking anything away from other e-juice flavors, but with naturally-extracted e-liquids, the tones and profiles are significantly more earthy and robust – said more bluntly, these blends are authentic because the essence comes from the actual source.

Among tobacco connoisseurs, VapeiQ E-Liquid forged an especially powerful reputation. Distinct from other manufacturers and competitors, VapeiQ employs several skilled tobacco artisans who apply their expertise to the vaping sector. It’s a different approach from the competition, where e-juice experts attempt to mimic organic, tobacco flavors.

For pure authenticity and the raw spirit of tobacco blends, nothing beats naturally-extracted e-liquids!