NEW! Just Add Nicotine – Candy E-liquids

Easy Mix, Just Add Nicotine

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A Candy E-liquid Easy Mix is where you add your own 72 MG Nicotine. The drop down menu shows you how much 72 MG Nicotine or Nicotine Salts to add to it, also this will be on your bottle label. Once mixed by us you will have the perfect mixture once you add your Nicotine.

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Just Add Nicotine - Candy E-liquids
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Brand: VapeiQ
Choose Size:

60 ml

Choose Mixture:

Max VG, 80%VG 20%PG, 70%VG 30%PG, 50%VG 50%PG, 60%VG 40%PG, 100% PG, 70%PG 30%VG, 60%VG 40%PG

Choose Strength:

0 mg (0.0 ml of Nicotine), 1 mg (0.8 ml of Nicotine), 2 mg (1.7 ml of Nicotine), 3 mg (2.5 ml of Nicotine), 5 mg (4.2 ml of Nicotine), 6 mg (5 ml of Nicotine), 8 mg (6.7 ml of Nicotine), 10 mg (8.3 ml of Nicotine), 12 mg (10 ml of Nicotine), 14 mg (11.7 ml of Nicotine), 16mg (13.3 ml of Nicotine), 18 mg (15 ml of Nicotine)

What's your Nicotine?

VG 72 mg Nic, PG 72 mg Nicotine, PG 72 mg Salts, VG 72 mg Salts

Choose Flavour:

Cola Gummy Bears, Cola Bubblegum, Raspberry Sorbet, Strawberry Grape Nerds, Peach & Raspberry Fizz, Rainbow Nerds, Raspberry Mango Fizz, Apple Candy Rocks, Blackcurrant Gumballs, Apple Zillions, Lemon Chews, Jelly Babies, Parma Violets, Apple & Pineapple Chew, Blue Raspberry Chew, Wine Gums, Penny Bubbly, Bubblegum Zillions, Hubba Bubba, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Strawberry Chew, Refreshers, Black Jack, Cherry Sherbet, Skittles, Drumsticks, Lemon Sherbets, Pear Drops, Fruit Salad, Swedish Fish, Lemon Whips, Cherry Sours, Blackcurrant Soothers, Cherry Soothers, Drumsticks Ice, Peruvian Black Mint, Polo Mint, Butter Mint, Apple Gummy Candy, Bubbleberry


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NEW! Just Add Nicotine - Candy E-liquids NEW! Just Add Nicotine - Candy E-liquids
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