There are many Vapers around the world who use different ratios and Nicotine Strengths to help them stop smoking – everyone is different. At VapeiQ, we give you the options on how you want your juice to be made. Shipping can take a little longer do to the complexity of the work involved but what you will receive is e-liquid made to suit your Vaping style.

If your a new vaper and are looking to get off the Cigs you have come to the right place. Start on a Tobacco flavour and start on 12 mg on a E-liquid mix of 60 vg/40 pg. This e liquid come with Nicotine shots which is easy to understand. Once you have mastered this you can move onto the more advanced way to vape.

An Easy Mix is a Shortfill, we have just renamed it as our own product. To make Vaping cheaper we created the Easy Mix. The Easy Mix is very easy to use. It allows you to vape at any Nicotine strength you want to by adding your own 72 MG Nicotine. You have to choose how you want your Easy Mix to be made so we give you the options for you to choose. One you have chosen your options we receive this information and make your Easy Mix E-liquid. We leave enough space in the bottle to add your 72 mg Nicotine. One the bottle label, we tell you how much in ML how much 72 MG Nicotine to add to it.

A Shortfill is an E-liquid that you see in all the Vape shops which usually come in 60 ml or 120 ml bottles and in very limited Nicotine Strengths. We have taken the Shortfill product and created our own by offering more Nicotine Strengths and more ratios. Shortfill E-liquids have Nicotine Shots that you squirt into the bottle and that’s your Nicotine Strength.

Bot Shots or (Bottle Shots) is a very popular product used by Vapers who like to make or create their own E-liquid. Bot Shots come in bottle sizes of 250 ml or 500 ml. In the bottom of the bottle is the flavour Concentrate. Then you need to add your VG, PG and Nicotine to it. Once filled, you steep the bottle for a number of days or weeks then Vape. Again, we put on the label the measurements your need to create it. Its very easy to do and very cost effective.

A Concentrate is used to create the E-liquid, its the flavouring. If you know how to make your own E-liquid you can use the Concentrate and add VG, PG and Nicotine to it to create an E-liquid.

Yes, our Vaping Facebook group has a members discount code. If you are in a forum or group and there are more than one of you that would like to order, we can give you special discount codes. Join our Facebook group or simply fly us an Email.

Yes, all E-liquids will benefit from a good old steep, this will mature the flavour. Add your Nicotine, give it a really good shake and pop it away with the cap on in a cool dark place. Shake the bottle every few days, undo the cap to add fresh air into the bottle and pop it away again. Some liquids can take a week to mature, others can take months. The longer you leave it the better it will taste.

Tracking numbers are automatically emailed to you so please check all folders. Also, tracking numbers can be found via your online account by logging in. Click the link to see where your parcel is.

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