72 MG Nicotine Base (VG)

72 MG, VG Nicotine Base

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72 MG Nicotine Concentrate VG Base UK (7.2%)

A clear and Pharmaceutical Grade 72 mg Nicotine suspended in USP/EP Grade VG. Thicker than PG Nicotine, it provides you with the Nicotine delivery you need.

STORAGE: Store Nicotine in a cool and safe place away from pets, children and direct sunlight.

SMOOTHER: VAPE? For a smoother Vape and a better throat hit, check out 72mg Nicotine Salts in PG Base.

Disclaimer: Using our liquid nicotine base or any other of Bestcigliquid products is done solely at the risk of the user.  We do not accept responsibility or liability for any injury or even fatality arising as a consequence. All nicotine offered on this website, in excess of 20mg/ml is solely for the use in manufacturing products that either comply with or are exempt from the scope of The Tobacco and Related Product Regulations 2016.

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72 MG Nicotine Base (VG)
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72 MG Nicotine Concentrate UK

72  mg VG Nicotine freebase is an essential ingredient to use in E-liquid & E-juice. You need this to have Nicotine in your E-liquid in various strengths.

You can purchase 72 MG Nicotine Concentrate in either VG (Vegetable glycerine) or (PG (Polypropylene glycol).

72 mg Nicotine Chart

This Nicotine Vape chart is a great tool to have because it tells you how much 72 mg Nicotine in either VG or PG to add to your E-liquids.

The left side shows the Nicotine strength you want. The top shows your the bottle size you have. By using that method you can find how much 72 MG VG Nicotine you need for your E-juice.

Storing your 72 MG VG Nicotine Concentrate

Storing your 72 MG is easy, it must be kept cool or even frozen so store your 72 mg Nicotine in the fridge or freezer in glass bottles. Also make sure your Nicotine Concentrate is kept away from children and pets at all times.

Nicotine Salts 72 mg

Try using Nicotine Salts in either VG or PG for a much more smoother vape and a better throat hit.

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30 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml

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100% VG


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72 MG Nicotine Base (VG) 72 MG Nicotine Base (VG)
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