Black Cavendish & Virginia 100% Real Tobacco E-liquid

Cavendish, Virginia
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Black Cavendish & Virginia 100% Real Tobacco E-liquid

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Black Cavendish & Virginia tobacco e-liquid, the Cavendish Tobacco Leaf has a unique, fresh dark note to it and when combined with the unique taste of Pure Virginia you have a toned down Black Cavendish flavour, mild with a unique tasting experience.

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Black Cavendish & Virginia Tobacco E-liquid
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Tobacco E-liquids are a very easy way to vape the Nicotine strengths you want at a fraction of the cost of regular shop brought Tobacco E-liquid. All you need to do is add 72 MG Nicotine or included Nicotine Shots to your Tobacco E-liquid to achieve your desired Nicotine strength.

Who are we? are an E-liquid Manufacturer that specialise in custom made E-liquid to the vape community. We can produce nearly any Tobacco E-liquid you wish so if you have a flavour, ratio in mind, fly us an E-liquid. We have an ISO7 clean room to produce our Pure Tobacco E-liquids so be rest assured, your E-liquid is in good hands.

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2 reviews for Black Cavendish & Virginia 100% Real Tobacco E-liquid

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  2. As I embarked on my journey into the world of vape liquids, little did I know that a simple mistake would lead me to an extraordinary experience. The accidental purchase of Black Cavendish & Virginia e-liquid turned out to be a serendipitous stroke of luck, as it introduced me to a breathtakingly delightful flavor that I can only describe as pure vaping bliss. Allow me to share my newfound passion in this stunning review of this NET vape liquid.
    Flavor Profile:
    The very first inhalation of Black Cavendish & Virginia e-liquid sent my taste buds on a mesmerizing adventure. It’s a unique fusion of two distinct yet harmonious tobacco flavors that dance elegantly on the palate. The Black Cavendish provides a rich, warm sweetness, reminiscent of a caramelized sugar, while the Virginia brings forth a smooth and slightly nutty undertone. The intricate marriage of these flavors creates an enigmatic symphony, elevating the vaping experience to an art form.
    The enchanting aroma that wafts from this e-liquid is nothing short of heavenly. As I take in the essence of this blend, a warm and inviting fragrance fills the air, evoking memories of sitting by a cozy fireplace on a cool winter’s evening. The gentle sweetness of Black Cavendish mingles with the inviting earthiness of Virginia, enveloping me in a comforting embrace.
    Smoothness and Throat Hit:
    One of the most remarkable aspects of this NET vape liquid is its smoothness and exceptionally gentle throat hit. The texture is velvety and refined, making each puff a true indulgence. Even at higher nicotine strengths, the sensation remains satisfyingly mild, allowing for extended and enjoyable vaping sessions without any harshness.
    Cloud Production:
    Black Cavendish & Virginia e-liquid effortlessly delivers voluminous clouds, transforming my vaping experience into an ethereal spectacle. The thick plumes cascade gracefully, showcasing the excellent vapor production of this liquid. Whether in a sub-ohm tank or an RDA, the clouds are consistently impressive, creating an immersive and visually captivating experience.
    This delightful blend exhibits remarkable versatility, complementing various vaping setups and styles. Whether you prefer to savor it on a high-powered mod or indulge in the rich flavors with a more subdued pod system, Black Cavendish & Virginia proves to be equally enchanting, making it a perfect choice for vapers of all levels.
    Inadvertently discovering Black Cavendish & Virginia e-liquid has been an extraordinary stroke of luck, unveiling a world of splendid flavors and captivating aromas that I never knew I needed. The sheer delight this NET vape liquid brings is unparalleled, transforming ordinary vaping moments into exceptional journeys of pleasure. Each puff is a reminder of how delightful surprises can await us in the most unexpected places. To all vaping enthusiasts and novices alike, do not hesitate to embark on this delightful voyage – you’ll thank yourself for the accidental click that brought this marvelous e-liquid into your life. I was supposed to have clicked on the Black Bogie btw lol, ah well, next time!

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Black Cavendish & Virginia 100% Real Tobacco  E-liquid Black Cavendish & Virginia 100% Real Tobacco E-liquid
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