From experience, these are the nicotine levels that are commonly used in commercial nicotine eliquid and who uses them.

  • 0mg/ml—No nicotine added. This is for those who have totally tapered off nicotine or to those who just want to continue vaping without any added nicotine.
  • 3mg/ml—This nicotine level is for those who are stepping down from higher nicotine levels, or to those who are switching from cigarettes to vaping and smoke under a pack of “light” cigarettes per day.
  • 6mg/ml to 9mg/ml—This level is probably where a lot of people fall under, regular smokers who just want to switch to vaping. This level of nicotine also provides a more “solid” throat hit.
  • 12mg/ml to 18mg/ml—This level is usually for those who were heavy smokers who smoke upwards of two packs a day or even for those who used to smoke unfiltered cigarettes. The throat hit for this nicotine level is a bit intense so be forewarned when doing DIY for the first time.

As a rule of thumb, we don not recommend using freebase 72mg/ml nicotine base for concentrations of higher than 18mg/ml. For those wanting a higher level of nicotine, this already goes into the territory of nicotine salts and more advance pod systems which we will cover in the future.